The Frivolous Skapik Lawsuit and New Wealth Advisors Club

February 2015 Updates

On July 13, 2014, Skapik Law Group posts a blog in attempt to gather more plaintiffs.

They posted a blog post, optimized for search engines to troll for more plaintiffs. Many club members have let me know they attempted to post on the site to provide the facts, but were never allowed. The blog post makes one believe there has been a class action lawsuit filed, but this isn't true. They have only filed a lawsuit on behalf of a few people and are seeking to get a judge to certify that a “class” actually exists. In order to get a class they have to show a lot of people had the exact experiences they had. This is not possible as this is not the case. We have hundreds of happy club members.

To date a class has not been certified, and we don’t believe a judge will ever certify a class as each of these people have their own variations as to what allegedly happened to them. The use of the term “class action” is to make people believe there are lots of people suing us. This is not true.

As of February 1st, 2015, three people have been added to their lawsuit. The depths this group will go to in order to hurt people is truly amazing and disappointing. In late 2014, Yuni Prahewari, Sahan Warnakulasuriya and Rosie Almandos have added to the second amended complaint (New Wealth Adviors Club Lawsuit - Second Amended Complaint).

These are quite surprising. Rosie is a part of the original seven people that came back in 2011. Yuni and Sahan are married, signed up and attended their first training on 8/24/14. They chose to take advanced curriculum and agreed to pay $14,000 to come many of the classes together. They made one payment of $7,000, came to the classes, and then they contacted Skapik and joined the lawsuit. They had even postdated a check for $7,000, since they pay immediately.