If you've landed on this page, you're probably curious about the baseless, bogus, and frivolous lawsuit filed against New Wealth Advisors Club...



UPDATE: PURSUANT TO A COURT ORDER ON APRIL 25TH, 2017, THE VIDEO DEPOSITIONS OF THE PLAINTIFFS WAS ORDERED TO BE REMOVED. We are working to get the site functional as soon as possible. We refuse to not tell our side of the story. The videos cannot be displayed because the Plaintiffs asked that their video deposition testimony not be made available to the public because they felt humiliated and embarrassed. The purpose of this site is to provide current and prospective club members with the truth about the lawsuit filed against New Wealth Advisors Club, Boswell Financial, Inc. and Melina and Dave Boswell personally. We hope to set the record straight, using facts and proof to counter baseless arguments.

This lawsuit is without merit, and we will not be bullied or intimidated.


In April 2013, a New Wealth Advisors Club member was contacted by Jaimey Kleinsmith, who wanted to see if he was interested in suing New Wealth Advisors Club. The member informed her that he was not interested, and that he was happy with his experience with the club. This was a random, unsolicited phone call, as the member had no previous interactions with Jaimey Kleinsmith. He indicated that it appeared that Jaimey was contacting anyone who might not like New Wealth Advisors Club in an effort to getting a class action lawsuit case. Jaimey stated that she intended to "sue everyone" and "close the club down". The member informed Dave Boswell of this immediately. With no information other than this, Dave Boswell attempted to contact Ms. Kleinsmith to find out what this was about, but he was ignored and to date has never been contacted by her.

Approximately one year later, in April 2014, Dave Boswell recieved a letter from Skapik Law Group . This letter demanded New Wealth Advisors Club pay $850,000 to the 7 people they now represented, and gave us 10 days to pay it. Not only did we feel this was an absolutely absurd request, we felt that the allegations were completely baseless and an obvious attempt to extract a quick settlement from us.

It is important to realize these aren't strangers filing this claim. These are people we were intimately involved with. We are completely offended that they would, in our opinion, lie under penalty of perjury and utterly misrepresent the truth in order to "cash in".

The plaintiffs in this case are:

Of course the plaintiff's goal in cases like this is to get the defendant to quickly fold in order to "make the problem go away". Often times, law firms will find a target they find appealing, and threaten legal action and lawsuits to scare and intimidate businesses into settling. Pay up, or we'll bury you in legal fees. And this often works. Small businesses are subject to all sorts of fraudulent claims, such as a customer "accidentally" slipping in their store, with a lawyer right there to demand a settlement or scare the business owner with costly litigation fees.

We clearly let the Skapik Law Group, and specifically Geralyn Skapik, know that we would not pay any settlement. Not then. Not now. Never.

We have done nothing wrong. We stand by the truth, and will be happy to have a jury hear the truth and decide. This is an attempt to extract a quick settlement from us by these plaintiffs and lawyers, who apparently believe that we would settle rather than pay litigation fees to fight and prove that we did not do anything wrong. Well, we are ready to fight, not only because the truth is on our side, but on the principle that this type litigation is wrong. This is about principle! 

The initial lawsuit against New Wealth Advisors Club named Dave Boswell, Melina Boswell, Boswell Financial, Inc., New Wealth Advisors Club, LLC, and a host of other club members. After our consulting with our lawyer, Jason Annigian Esq, the lawsuit was changed to only name the above listed entities and persons.

It is financially burdensome to be in litigation for nearly 4 years over a baseless lawsuit. We will continue to do what it takes to fight this lawsuit. We will not settle. We will prevail in trial. And when we do, for the sake of all the other "little guys" out there, we will sue all parties, including the Skapik Law Group, for damages. 

We will continue to update this site to keep you informed, and we will continue to pray for the truth to be revealed. I encourage you to read more on this site for the facts of this case, including supporting documents we have to verify our claims and show the baselessness of this lawsuit.


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