Amber Vaughan

Amber Vaughan is the ex-fiancé of Tim Wilkinson, a current club member who’s been a member for over 4 years. Based on this relationship, she was allowed to attend all classes for free, never paying a dime. Yet now Amber is now claiming she is owed wages.

Amber Vaughan was never was offered, promised, or considered for a job. When Amber first joined New Wealth Advisors Club, she was broke and down on her luck. Many times money was given to Tim and Amber to help keep them a float. Amber was so close to the Boswell family that she asked Melina and Dave to become pastors in order to marry them. We gave them money to attend personal development seminars for them and her kids. They stayed at our house with the kids, used the pool, ate our food and told us how much they appreciated us. With the education Tim has received at New Wealth Advisors Club, Tim has grown a successful real estate company. Amber has chosen to blame us for their relationship breaking up, and is now suing us.