Dave and Linda Anderson

Dave and Linda Anderson were friends with Nate Mejia. They claimed they were all in business together, and represented themselves as being partners in the real estate game before they attended any courses or meetings with New Wealth Advisors Club.  David Anderson came in complaining to anyone that would listen about how he got taken for a ride from another real estate education company (Fortune Builders in San Diego – owned by Than Merrill of A&E’s Flip That House TV show). He said he spent over $40,000 for nothing there. He said their claims were all bogus and they just wanted his money.  I actually met with them before I allowed them to purchase further classes at NWAC because I was worried about the negative, “I’m a victim” attitude he was displaying.  I agreed to allow them to purchase only if Nate was going to be part of them moving forward.  Nate was great and had an awesome attitude. They all agreed he would join them.

We allowed Nate and the Andersons to attend the course for the price of two people. Nate took the classes seriously and attended every class quickly. The Anderson’s did not.

Linda Anderson’s attendance record:

  • Short Sales (December 12-13, 2011)
  • Tax & Legal – Never Attended
  • Creative Acquisitions – Never Attended
  • Fix n Flip (December 16, 2011)

David Anderson’s attendance record:

  • Short Sales – Never Attended
  • Tax & Legal – Never Attended
  • Creative Acquisitions (December 17-18, 2011)
  • Fix n Flip (December 16, 2011)

It is quite telling that Nate Mejia attended all of the above courses. Not only that, Nate is NOT listed as a plaintiff in the frivolous lawsuit against New Wealth Advisors Club. His business partners, who signed up with him, joined the lawsuit. He clearly must have been notified by Skapik Law, yet is not a part of the lawsuit.

Melina had extensive interaction with David and Linda Anderson. David forwarded an email soliciting $120,000 from a member of Fortune Builders. We refused to help and explained we’re not a bank, looking to give out money to anyone who asks. David Anderson became upset because he heard “we have money to fund deals”. This is not what was claimed or promised by New Wealth Advisors Club. David Anderson gave no details of any deal, and never asked for any help. Yet now he claims he lost money on deals because we never helped him.