Jaimey Kleinsmith

Jaimey Kleinsmith, now married and known as Jaimey Jones, was initially invited to the club to attend the overview introduction on June 23, 2011. After the initial introduction, Jaimey signed up for the New Wealth Advisors Club 3 Day Real Profits Program. She attended July 22-24, 2011, and paid the $497 course fee.

In October 2011, Jaimey gave a video testimonial, giving rave reviews for Dave and Melina Boswell and New Wealth Advisors Club. In the video, she refers to herself a real estate investor; not an employee, or any mention of hoping to be an employee. It is quite obvious by watching the video that her aspirations are to be a successful real estate investor.

In December 2011, Jaimey referred her then-finance, now-husband, Sam Jones, to the club.

Jaimey attended the following real estate classes:

  • Short Sales (August 26-27, 2011)
  • Tax & Legal (August 30-31, 2011)
  • Creative Acquisitions (October 24-25, 2011)
  • Fix n Flip (November 1, 2011)

Watch the testimonial video above and see if this sounds like someone who should be suing New Wealth Advisors Club.