Rhonda Hart

Rhonda was very broke when she came. She claimed to have paid Armando Montelongo $20,000 – $30,000 for his coaching program. She said she took all the equity out of her house to buy the program. She said it was a waste of time and she is now desperate to get her head back above water.

Desiring to help her out, Melina allowed her to attend the short sales workshop at no charge, which Rhonda attended October 22-23, 2011. After the course, she gave a glowing evaluation, and also gave a video testimonial as well, as seen above.

Rhonda attended the initial club overview on August 25th, 2011, and then attended the 3 day Real Profits Program on September 9-11th, 2011.

Rhonda assisted Melina on short sales transactions as an independent transaction coordinator at Boswell Financial, Inc. Rhonda was paid $8,750 (1099-MISC issued) for her assistance from January 24, 2012 to August 3rd, 2012, at which point she advised that she no longer wanted to assist as a transaction coordinator.

Dave and Melina gave her a good amount of money, and Melina bought personal items (purses, etc) to further help Rhonda keep her head above water. One time, she was given money to feed her dogs as well. Multiple people in the club loaned her money that she has never paid back to date.

rhonda hart