Stacy Echeverria

Robert and Stacy Echeverria, by their own recorded testimony, never had any real estate training (before or after) other than their training at NWAC. Robert and Stacy purchased and faithfully attended every course we offered. Between October 22 and November 6th, 2011, they attended (and completed evaluations for) every class. They were involved in our field mentoring with Mike Biglane and Melina Boswell, and professed their love for New Wealth Advisors Club, and gave rave reviews about the club.

Below, you’ll see that Stacy and Robert Echeverria (doing business as E Creative Solutions) have earned in excess of $100,000.00 in gross profits. This is from doing real estate transactions (fix and flip) through strategies they learned from New Wealth Advisors Club. Below you can see screenshots taken from Stacy’s Facebook page. Stacy has since deleted those posts, but when questioned under penalty of perjury, she testified that these posts are all true.

As you can see from the posts, Stacy had great success in doing real estate transactions using the knowledge she gained from the real estate investing education she received from New Wealth Advisors Club.


Unfortunately, a deal didn’t go well for Stacy. Stacy and Robert purchased a house with Michael Vanness. They made some mistakes in the deal. Their partnership was supposed to be 50/50 on the deal. However, the deal was a loser, and Michael took the loss. Stacy ended up with $0 positive or negative. She didn’t contribute any funds to the loss. Melina was the listing realtor on the deal, and even waived part of her commission to help mitigate their loss, and further lost money because she had to pay her broker and transaction coordinators for closing the file. More importantly, the sellers of the home (Stacy’s friends from church) were taken care of, including moving expenses paid on their behalf, as well as their entire mortgage paid off. This single bad deal is the source of her complaint with the club.

Interestingly enough, Robert Echeverria, who paid for and signed up for the classes, is not listed as a plaintiff in this case. Robert was a welcome member of the club, always with a great attitude around the club.

Conflicting Testimony?

In her testimony in this case, Stacy Echeverria, under oath and penalty of perjury, clearly demonstrates that she signed a complaint that she did not agree with and contains factually incorrect information.